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Chef 'MitcheEarl' Bryant

Co-Founder and Program Director, YOU!-Las Vegas, Nevada | CEO GreenSideUp, LLC...


Mitchell Bryant is a well-respected husband, community advocate, Executive Director (Las Vegas, Nevada), and Co-Founder of Youth Outdoor Unity. He was raised in a vulnerable community North of Downtown, Houston, Texas. Although his community was rich in western traditions, and denoted a distinctive culture with eminent community gardens,  it was a food desert that also lacked access to human welfare necessities, adequate education, and career aspirations. He and his younger brother were forced to attend schools approximately 45 miles outside of his local community.  Over time, such life vicissitudes strengthened his resolve to mitigate the discrepancies that exacerbate disparity impacts on vulnerable communities. Meticulously, he derived a moral purpose to improve prevention through nutrition, attract youth to alternative ways of learning in their local community, and immensely inspire children to explore a plethora of disciplines and careers that may be uncharacteristic in their community. 

  Mitchell’s admiration for civil service moved him to Las Vegas, Nevada where he established reputable partnerships with Clark County School District, private nonprofit organizations, and public officials to prevent deprivation and improve learning outcomes for underserved students. He implemented learning initiatives with an integrated approach that went beyond STEM, and STEAM(d) into motion programs that have ‘Turned the Art of Living into Lifestyles.’  Mitchell recognized that most youths lived in food deserts and lacked access to his mottled slogan “Fresh’ produce and nutrition in their daily diets.”  In response to their needs and influence by his neighborhood’s culture and purpose, in 2018, Mitchell developed a vertical farming concept, ‘GreenSideUp’. The ingenuity is to innovatively farm food for urban communities that would not only answer food insecurity but also serve as an experiential learning and economic initiative for youth and young adults in the private and public sectors.  To sustain the leadership and integrity of the program(s) he received a culinary art degree from the renowned Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, where he is continuing academia in Food Science. Chef MitchEarl was recently inducted onto the President’s List within the culinary art institution. In addition, he holds unique partnerships with local grocery markets, restaurants, and food and meat distribution companies including with the University of Nevada Las Vegas regarding plant research and distribution of  micro-vertical farming systems.

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