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The Art of Living



The ‘STREAAM beyond STEM©Tour

Formally Known as the AgriScience-Tech Educational Trail

Begins: February 17-24, 2024

 Our ‘STREAAM beyond STEM©’ Tour incites curiosity, introduces novelty experiences, and empowers youth to make innovative connections between traditional disciplines and newfound career interests that can be used to solve local and global problems. Through outdoor adventures and hands-on experiential workshops, students explore the physical world of natural Sciencethe study of human society and relationships within social sciences, and how they may interact with Technology and our Literacy 3.12 component within Reading and writing. Yes, Reading and writing are important to STREAAM because of their roles in quality education, applied research, theater, broadcasting, communication, social media content, and marketing.

STREAAM is our integrated approach to learning and Engineering is what connects those disciplines and encourages students to seek solutions to problems. Exploring Agriculture allows students to focus on sustainable solutions to food insecurity, good health, and ending hunger worldwide as well as viticulture.
Art is the creative piece of our STREAAM beyond STEM Tour. Students explore innovative solutions through the ‘Art: sewing and textile,  visual, theater, and music including our exclusive Cook&Chew Jr.
© culinary art project.


Marine/Maritime is the key to our lifeline and our food and supply chain. Students can explore the importance of tourism and coastal development and careers that STREAAM beyond STEM on cruise ships.

February 17-24, 2024
5-8 Workshops Daily, Lunch Included

STREAAM beyond STEM Tour Workshops but are not limited to:

  • Robotics

  • Vessel operation

  • Culinary Art

  • Indoor Vertical plant towers

  • Sewing and textile

  • Visual and Performing Art

  • Equine and nutrition

  • Drones

  • Agriculture/Enology/Viticulture

  • Coding

  • 3D printing

  • College Tours

  • Prosthetic makeup in film

  • Music engineering/broadcasting and more

Literacy 3.12
A Young Woman Reading a Book

Literacy 3.12

Youth Outdoor Unity’s Literacy 3.12 program helps build or improve reading and writing proficiency for youth in grades 3-12. To achieve this we combine various fields including Media and Photography, Journalism, Literacy Coding, Public Speaking, and Performance Arts to inspire interests.

The Literacy 3.12  program is founded and directed by our president, Kim Nesbit who holds her Master's Degree in Education.








“Literacy is fundamental to empowerment and endless possibilities.”


~Kim Nesbit, M.Ed.

Literacy Kim_Maraya.jpg

The Art of Living 

The Art of Living Project was designed to provide youth with an opportunity to discover, experience and appreciate nature through environmental education and participation in outdoor activity programs. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness, increase cooperative learning, promote critical thinking and influence behavioral change while allowing our youth to have fun in the process; thus, contributing to academic achievement in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.

Because today's youth spend more time watching television and playing videogames then being physically active, our programs encourage participants to make positive lifestyle changes. We believe time spent outdoors increases attention spans, reduces stress, burns calories, improves school performance and helps develop more meaningful interpersonal skills. The Art of Living project includes several programs that allow youth to get in touch with nature and encourage outdoor recreation to be included in their regular exercise routine including:

  • Mentoring Program

  • Western Heritage Preservation

  • Outdoor Outreach Service

  • Environmental Education

  • Agricultural Enrichment


The Art of Living
Cooking Class

Cook&Chew Jr.©

Food is one of the key by-products of Agriculture, so it is only fitting we use it to inspire students. Our Cook&Chew Jr.© program combines culinary arts, nutrition & health, cooking demonstrations, restaurant entrepreneurship, hospitality management, cooking and recipe competition, food Science, and family & consumer science to provide a well-rounded experience that will inspire youth to explore future majors and careers.


The  culinary art junior program is advised and directed by:  Chef 'Rey' Dathard

Cook&Chew Jr
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